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Classes have finished, Christmas break has begun, and I’m finally fulfilling my dream of being a hippie travelling through Europe in a barely-legal camper van with 3 eccentric Germans.

Tabea and the Beast

Our first stop was the sea-side party city of Barcelona, which seems to have forgotten that it’s currently winter with all its sunshine.

One of the most impressive monuments in Spain can be found here, being La Sagrada Familia (the sacred family) Cathedral. Construction began over 100 years ago and still continues today, since the original architect was run over on his way to work on the site, and the original drawings were lost in a fire (Classic Spain). It’s renowned architect Gaudi’s most famous work and the most interesting cathedral I’ve ever seen.

La Sagrada Familia

I also discovered some modern day poetry skilfully inscribed down by the wharf.

It reads, “Nada es aislada. Toda cosa aislada deja de existir.”
(Nothing is isolated. Everything isolated ceases to exist.)

Although I never thought my blog would be one to include poetry analysis, I can really relate to these words. I’ve met so many great friends during my first semester on exchange, and it’s been these connections that have defined the experience and made it unforgettable. Thanks for the incredible times and let’s keep in touch!

Have a very merry Christmas everyone and enjoy the opportunity to connect with your family and friends.

Meanwhile, we’ve just reached our next stop, Avignon, France. Let’s hope this road trip is more like “Eurotrip” and isn’t the beginning of the sequel to “Wolfe Creek”.

¡Feliz Navidad!


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