Language Barrier


A few friends have been asking how my Spanish is going, so I thought I’d provide a little update.

This is how I normally feel before commencing a conversation in Spanish:


And then this is normally what happens:


Having said this, however, I have actually learnt a lot. Below are my most commonly used expressions, according to the time of day:

Estoy cansado – I’m tired
Tengo hambre – I’m hungry

During the day (at university):
No entiendo nada – I don’t understand anything
Tengo hambre – I’m hungry
¡Joder, que rico! – That was delicious!

At night:
Una cerveza por favor – A beer, please
Un otro, por favor – Another one, please.
Tengo hambre – I’m hungry

As you can see, I’ve learnt all that’s needed to be learnt, and everything is going well.


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